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Specialized. Strategic. Scandinavian.

About us

Scandinavia’s first specialized Conversational AI & Voice Design agency.  

Although the development within AI and Voice are technology-driven, the main impact is the big shift it creates in human behaviour – from how we search and find information to how we make purchase decisions and interact with brands.

Through our knowledge of what the technology is capable of and our understanding of how humans embrace it, we create voice experiences that provide both user and business value.

Specialized knowledge and expertise is not enough to make this happen. In addition, a strategic approach on how Voice can be used to achieve competitive advantage and how Voice solutions can be integrated into your business is essential.


AI changes everything. But how much and how fast? What are the implications for your industry and what are your competitors doing? What services should you provide and how do you implement and continuously improve them?

Enter Talking to me.

The overall goal is for our clients to gradually reach a level of maturity and competence that will enable them to implement their own conversational-first strategy. We will lead the journey at the agreed pace, be available for guidance along the way, and together with the client create the right team for the task.


We provide the insights required to understand the competitive landscape and the changes in human behaviour that need to be addressed. Our services include:

  • Market trends and analysis
  • Quantitative and qualitative research
  • Customer behaviour and expectations
  • Role of Voice and automation in your customers’ journey


Our strategic guidance is totally focused on generating user and business value in a conversation-driven world. Our services include:

  • Market position for Conversational services
  • Managing innovation
  • Conversation & Voice in your technology and communication ecosystem  
  • Implementation roadmaps


We address the role of the brand in a conversation & voice-first world. Our services include:

  • Conversational & Voice Brand Strategy
  • Conversational & Voice Brand Identity
  • Sounds & audio
  • Guidelines and implementation

Design, Development & Optimization

We design, develop and optimize Conversation & Voice applications and services for the markets no1 platforms, like Google Assistant, Amazon Alexa, and Humany. Our services include:

  • Conversationl Voice UX and design
  • Conversational Voice app development
  • Voice App marketing
  • Voice Search and optimization
  • Measurement, analysis, continuous improvement

This is us

We are a team of business developers, brand strategists, UX specialists, Voice Designers and developers that handle all aspects of designing, developing and optimizing Voice-based services and experiences. Our individual backgrounds range from strategic brand agencies, design agencies, digital agencies and IT-consulting firms.  All in all, a creative mix of new thinkers with different backgrounds that knows how to create value for your company.

This is our ambition

Our ambition is much greater than just building the leading Conversation Design agency. We want to create a change and disrupt some of the structures in a somewhat homogeneous industry. We believe there’s an immense value in creating a multicultural and truly diverse workplace which is why achieving this is one of our uncompromised core targets.

Competent, multicultural, multilingual and passionate coworkers creates a work environment that is a little more fun and full of variation. Like the society we would like to have.