As a leading provider within Generative AI, Conversational AI and Voice technology – Talking to me aims to promote a responsible and ethical use of AI. Therefore, we have developed an AI Policy to guide our employees, partners and customers in the use of these technologies while adhering to our values; transparency, inclusivity, quality and agility. Below is a further explanation of how we apply and ensure this in every aspect of our work.


We value openness in our work and therefore we commit to:

  • Clear communication: We openly communicate with our customers and partners about how our AI solutions function, including highlighting their capabilities and potential limitations.
  • Explain our decisions: If our AI solutions makes decisions that affect people, we provide explanations on how these decisions are made that are understandable to the affected parties.
  • Transparency: We are transparent in our use of data and ensure that we comply with laws and regulations concerning data protection and privacy.


We are dedicated to creating inclusive AI solutions and we strive to be aware and mindful of factors that can be discriminating and contribute to inequality. We do this through:

  • Diversity in data: We aim to use diverse datasets to minimize biases and distortions in our AI systems.
  • Bias mitigation: We actively work to identify and reduce biases and discriminatory patterns in our AI algorithms to ensure fair outcomes.
  • Accessibility: With a focus on usability and accessibility, our solutions are designed for people with various abilities and backgrounds.


Talking to me prioritizes high quality and it’s our main focus in our work. We achieve this by:

  • Evaluation: We continuously evaluate the performance and effectiveness of our AI systems to maintain the high quality and relevance.
  • Risk Management: We conduct risk analyses in all of our projects to identify and address potential risks and challenges that may arise from the use of our AI solutions. We take measures to minimize these risks.


We embrace agility to keep pace with rapidly evolving technology and therefore we perform:

  • Updates and adaptations: We keep our AI solutions up to date with the latest developments and make necessary adaptations to meet our customers’ needs.
  • Learning and training: We invest in continuous skill development for our employees and customers to maximize the benefits of our AI technologies.
  • Adaptation: We continuously adapt our AI Policy and procedures to foster innovative and yet unknown solutions.
  • Monitoring AI solution outputs: We use the latest available technology to ensure the quality and reliability of the outputs from our AI-solutions.

By following this AI Policy, Talking to me strives to be a trusted partner for all AI-related needs while ensuring that our technologies benefit people, organizations and the society as a whole in an ethical and responsible manner. This policy was adopted on the 18th of September 2023 by Talking to me and is effective from this date.