ATG develops customer service with AI-powered voice assistant for telephone

Faster customer service – both for the customers who request daily trotting results and those with more complex questions. That is the goal when ATG, the market leader in racing and sports betting, develops its customer service in collaboration with Talking to me – specialists in voice technology, digital assistants and automation.

– We see an increased demand for AI-powered voice assistants that can enable an increased degree of self-service and improved customer experience, says Mattias Falkendal on Talking to me.

For ATG Customer Service, a large part of the incoming telephone questions concern the results of the most popular horse games – such as Dagens Dubbel, Lunchdubbeln and V75. Thousands of calls per month require manual handling by customer service personnel, which in turn creates longer waiting times for more complex customer service issues.

– There are great advantages to the technology that can not only provide quick answers to the user and create a better customer experience, but also solve more complex tasks through integration with underlying systems, says Mattias Falkendal on Talking to me.

Together with ATG’s innovation hub, Talking to me has designed and developed a customized voice assistant for telephony, based on Google’s latest AI technology integrated with ATG’s call center platform. The solution now handles thousands of requests.

– Our investment in innovation is already beginning to bear fruit. We have launched several novelties and much more is in the works. We strongly believe in voice control technology and are happy to see how quickly our Customer Service has further improved customer service, says Sten Andersen, Chief of Innovation & Future Affairs at ATG.

– The solution has streamlined the work with our incoming telephony. Today, the voice assistant handles around 20 percent of our incoming calls, says Fredrik Engzell, Head of Customer Service at ATG.

– Through the voice assistant, we free up time for our employees to deal with more complex questions – at the same time, our customers get access to faster result answers, without waiting times. The next step in the development is about using the technology to help customers solve tasks, for example in logged-in mode, says Karolin Johansson, business developer at ATG.