Breakit 24 hour live hackathon

Last week, we were a part of Breakit’s 24 hour long live Hackathon where the goal was to reduce the loneliness of elderly’s through a tech-solution.

The goal was to close the digital gap as well as breaking the feeling of loneliness and we decided to be a part of it. During this day we hacked on the theme of digital inclusivity for the elderly.

So… What did we come up with? A solution called ”When I was little…” which is a voice solution that can be reached via phone. The bot will ask questions about the user’s childhood, an inclusive topic even for people suffering from dementia, and the answers will be transcribed and sent to a loved one. This would not only give meaningful insights for the receiver but also inspire interesting discussions in real life.
Competition was hard and we did not reach first place, but we are more than happy to have contributed to this important Hackathon!