Google highlights entrepreneurs on their stage at Almedalen – and we are included!

During this year’s Almedalen week, also known as the Politician’s week, Google and DI Digital have decided to highlight and invest in young entrepreneurs at their stage.

In collaboration with Changers Hub, Google and DI Digital have invited 11 speakers with interesting backgrounds to take place on stage and tell us their stories. Changers Hub is known for enabling idea creators, and help future business owners by giving them important tools in order to enter the tech world.

“We have two different goals. Firstly, creating opportunities for those who grew up in the outer city and helping them to become entrepreneurs – even though they may not have gone to a prestigious school. Secondly, we want to create a new, diverse business community, with new people and new ideas”, says co-founder Siduri Poli.

Eleven different entrepreneurs will share their stories. Among them is a founder of a company that aims to become the perfume industry’s equivalent of Spotify, and our very own Diana Mosa, who will be representing Talking to me.

“I’ll be explaining what we mean by saying Put your money where your voice is and clarify the big technology shift we are currently in where Voice is essential. Other than that, we are also giving a Voice to those who are not being represented, by talking about the importance of diversity within Voice Design as well as the tech industry in general”, says Diana Mosa.

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