Launching Rapid Assistant™ – Automated Customer Service ‘as-a-Service’

Turbulent and uncertain times also spark creativity and innovation. We see a number of examples of initiatives now taking place in order to solve new problems at speed – not the least to fight the Corona pandemic.

Companies and businesses face new issues in these turbulent times. Among our customers we have seen how they are swamped with incoming questions from their customers – in many cases 100-fold increases in incoming calls these last weeks are resulting in long waiting lines and poor customer experiences. Waiting in endless phone queues has never seemed more outdated and inefficient than it does right now. Why accept poor service, unsatisfied customers and a tarnished brand when there is technology available to help?

At Talking to me, we have been working hard on a solution to this problem and are now launching Rapid Assistant™ ’ – a fully automated Customer Service ‘as-a-Service’ solution – developed in cooperation with platform provider

Within days, we will set up an automated, dialogue-based service that can be accessed through web chat, Facebook Messenger, Google Assistant and phone. The customer can pose his/her question using voice or text. Content curation and quality assurance is handled by dedicated specialists at Talking to me. The goal: maximum value with minimum effort for your organisation.

The service is AI-based and utilises the latest technology within Natural Language Understanding enabling a great experience regardless of whether the interaction is through voice or text, web, mobile or phone. For this service, Talking to me are partnering with the platform provider Narratory. Talking to me has developed conversational AI-based services previously using this platform, for instance within the transportation industry.

For more information, please contact:

Diana Mosa (+46)76 2099315

Mattias Falkendal (+46)70 6530698