Launching Talking To Me – the first Voice Design agency in the Nordics

It has happened before. A technology shift that develops exponentially, leading at first to people being disappointed of its impact, expecting several years of development needed to make it into anything useful. And then, suddenly, being amazed and caught off-guard by an experience of that same technology only a short time period thereafter.

And – history tells us – some brands are responsive to these shifts and comes out as winners, but many are totally disrupted.

We are currently witnessing one of these major shifts. The underlying technology is Voice and AI, but although the shift is technological, it is the change in human behaviour that it generates that creates a major impact. How we search and find information. How we purchase products. How we interact with brands and devices. All of that is changing. Now.

So. Hello Voice-first world! Are you prepared? The opportunities that are up for grabs in light of this shift are extremely exciting!

This is why we are starting a new business. The first of its kind in Northern Europe. We call ourselves Talking to me.