Bonnier News Next is creating the voice and conversation based news service of the future.

Bonnier News Next, the innovation hub of Bonnier News, a major Swedish news publisher, has initiated a project together with the Voice Design agency Talking to me, and Talkamatic, experts within Conversational AI, with the mission to build the voice and conversation based news service of the future. The project is partly financed by the Google fund Google Digital News Initiative.

“Voice and conversation based AI is fundamentally changing how content is consumed,” says Matilda Ljudén, business developer at Bonnier News Next. “Within the scope of this project, we want to investigate the possibilities of this field, with the purpose of identifying new ways for users to interact with news – and new ways for media producers to make money on their content.”

To achieve this, Bonnier News Next has partnered up with Talking to me, specialists within strategic conversation design, and Talkamatic, who develops systems and solutions for advanced natural dialogue.

“Globally, there are a number of initiatives within leading media houses, connected to voice and conversation design,” says Diana Mosa, business developer and co-founder of Talking to me. “The media industry has a leading role when it comes to creating innovative solutions within this field, which makes it exciting for us to contribute to this project.”

“By putting the focus on the user, we can gain an understanding of human dialogue and create technical solutions that make dialogue between human and machine possible,” says Andreas Krona, CEO of Talkamatic. “We believe that this is a fundamental change of how we interact with content and information.”

The project will run for two years, and within this timeframe, a working service with well documented and innovative user value should be created, in parallel with analysis and development of a sustainable business model. The progress of the project will be reported to Google Digital News Initiative, which is part of Google’s initiative to “support high quality journalism through technology and innovation”. 

For more information:

Matilda Ljudén, Business Developer, Bonnier News Next, phone:  076 338 58 22

Diana Mosa, Business Developer, Talking to me, phone: 076 209 93 16

Andreas Krona, CEO, Talkamatic, phone: 0705 89 77 87


Bonnier News Next is the innovation hub at Bonnier News. We develop ideas and products for the future of publishing. Our team covers areas of expertise from business development, data analysis, UX , marketing and journalism.

Talking to me are specialists within Voice and Conversational Design – securing business value, creativity and brand consistency in automated customer interfaces for major corporations. For more information:

Talkamatic is creating the next generation of conversational AI. For more information: