Upplands Motor driving Voice-first innovation within the car industry

Upplands Motor, one of Sweden’s most successful car dealerships, has together with Talking to me released a voice application for Google Assistant in Swedish. Through this solution, Upplands Motor are driving innovation within the car retailing industry by enabling customers to book a test drive at one of Upplands Motor’s facilities through Google Assistant. By saying Prata med Upplands Motor (“Talk to Upplands Motor”) customers are able to book a test drive of new cars from major brands such as Volvo, Mercedes-Benz, Ford, Dacia, Renault and Smart.

This Voice and AI powered customer experience solution enables the user to fulfill the booking process simply by using voice – without having to fill out a form on the website or call the customer support. As a user, you get suggested a facility based on your location. The service also fetches other relevant information, upon user approval, from the user’s Google account, which creates an even smoother booking process.

“At Upplands Motor, we strive to make your car life as easy as possible, while at the same time encouraging investments in new technology within the organization” says Tomas Lundholm, Online Manager at Upplands Motor. He continues “Exploring the possibilities with voice is completely in line with how we work and it will be exciting to see what lessons we can draw from the first version”.

Mattias Falkendal, founder of Talking to me, comments further: “The use of digital voice assistants such as the Google Assistant has increased explosively. We are very happy to contribute to innovation at Upplands Motor and look forward to the continued development”.

Do you want to talk to Upplands Motor? Just activate your Google Assistant on any device and say Prata med Upplands Motor and you’re up and running, or just click here

Note that this application is currently only available in Swedish.