We care about the climate – do you?!

On May 6, Breakit Impact Challenge will start and Talking to me will face the challenge! It is a digital bootcamp that aims to make the new business climate climate-smart, and eventually climate-neutral.

The climate is one of the greatest challenges of our time, and more and more people in the business community want to pull their hands on the stack. However, not everyone knows how to do it. Many also find it difficult to make time.

Breakit, one of the biggest news sites about the new business community, has therefore started the Breakit Impact Challenge. A digital bootcamp that aims to make businesses more climate-smart and in the long term – more climate-neutral.

The launch took place on 6th of May and now, 425 companies have already signed up and accepted the challenge!

“The response has so far been overwhelming. It shows that many people care and want to make a difference. The more companies that join Impact Challenge, the more effect this can have,” says Camilla Björkman, Business Development Manager at Breakit.

Read more about it in this link.