Google Assistant update

It has almost been three years since the Google Assistant was released in Sweden and even though the original hype has faded there is continuous development taking place leading to a more useful and higher quality experience.  In addition to Google making the assistant available on both Android and Apple devices, new products with the Google Assistant integrated have been released. Google Nest Hub Max is the name of their latest addition of smart display and has a large screen, better sound system and a built-in camera which is a real upgrade from their first version.

In addition to new hardware, the biggest change has taken place in the software. In their latest release, Google has fully rebuilt the Assistant’s NLU models so it can now more accurately understand context. This upgrade uses machine learning technology using BERT, a technology they invented in 2018.

This is also used to enhance the experience when the user interacts with multiple devices. The assistant uses the previous interactions that the user has and understands what is currently being displayed on the users smartphone or smart display in order to be able to respond to any questions surrounding this.

In addition, we are seeing Google Assistant integrated into new car models such as Polestar 2 and Volvo XC40, thereby increasing its reach for use cases outside smart speakers and the home environment.

With all of these updates, there is no doubt that Google is making big investments in its digital assistant and we are excited to see what new releases and updates are made in the upcoming developer conference, Google I / O. The conference takes place between 18-20 May and will be held digitally due to the current pandemic. Be sure to sign up at this link so you do not to miss the conference, see you there!