Inspiration day at the Swedish Tax Authority

Together with Google, Amazon, IcaX and other pioneers within Voice Technology, Talking to me was invited to the Swedish Tax Authority to inspire the organization on how they could work with Voice and Conversational Design.

The Swedish Tax Authority has always been in the forefront when it comes to digitalization, and their first step was to make all their services available digitally. After creating e-services available on their website and a mobile application, they are now ready for the next step in creating innovative solutions for the digital everyday life of the Swedish citizens, where Voice could play an interesting role. The questions asked were: Can the Swedish Tax Authority use Voice to communicate with the citizens? If so, where exactly can Voice fit in? And, in what way will the society, not least the Swedish Tax agency, be affected by the new interface?

In order to get answers, they invited experts, companies and organizations with experience of working with Voice, to share their insights and tips on how the Swedish Tax Authority could continue their digitalization journey.

Thank you to the innovation team at Skatteverket for inviting us!