Launching: ATG Voice Assistant – fast results and expert tips on horse racing

We are proud and happy announce that we have developed the first version of ATG’s Voice Assistant – a great way for users to get results related to their most popular horse racing games and access to expert podcasts.

The Voice Assistant is available on the Google Assistant platform on mobile devices, smart speakers and smart displays.

The Voice Assistant is based on Dialogflow which is Google’s natural language platform. The solution is integrated with a number of ATG’s API’s providing results and other information related to horse races. 

The design team at Talking to me have been faced with a number of exciting design challenges when developing the application. 

‘Designing conversations is an ongoing task that includes applying a tonality that aligns with the company’s brand as well as teaching the bot to understand specific things such as time intervals, says Kajsa Tretow, Lead Conversation Designer at Talking to me. ‘To ensure a great user experience, we have also designed specific conversation flows and visuals depending on whether the user interacts through a device with or without a screen. ’.

ATG’s Voice Assistant has quickly evolved into one of the most used third party applications on the Google Assistant platform in Sweden. Want to talk to ATG? Just say ‘hey Google, kan jag få prata med ATG’ (available in Swedish only).

For more information, visit ATG