Welcome to the team, Tsubasa!

We are super excited to announce that we have a new addition to the team! Say hello to Tsubasa Fuji, our new star full-stack developer! Tsubasa focuses on developing apps based on complex language models (such as GPT) and database optimization for Generative AI. Read our interview with her below!

D: Hey Tsubasa! So nice to have you on the Talking to me train, tell me about yourself!

T: Hello! Great to join. I have been interested in web development since I was 12, but didn’t really dare to take the plunge until I moved from Japan to Sweden a few years ago. I have always enjoyed building new things that can improve people’s lives and combining my creativity together with my passion for technology. And this, I can do now in my job! 

D: How come you chose to work with us?

T: I chose a place where I think I can grow and develop and where I can work together with experienced colleagues who work in the field. In addition to that, we have internal training workshops every Wednesday that inspires a lot!

D: Tell me about a secret talent you have!

T: I actually draw quite a bit, so that would probably be my secret talent!