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Women in Voice Accelerator

25 November, 2021 Posted by Okategoriserad 0 thoughts on “Women in Voice Accelerator”

This autumn, our conversation designer Kajsa Tretow participated in a Career Accelerator organized by Women in Voice. We asked Kajsa a few questions about the course and what she took away from it. (more…)

Kommune Kiri – a Voicebot for Roskilde Municipality

16 September, 2021 Posted by Okategoriserad 0 thoughts on “Kommune Kiri – a Voicebot for Roskilde Municipality”
There is currently a great momentum in Denmark when it comes to implementing AI-powered voicebots – not least in the public sector. In cooperation with Deloitte, we have designed the voicebot “Kommune Kiri”


Voice Consumer Index 2021

9 September, 2021 Posted by Okategoriserad 0 thoughts on “Voice Consumer Index 2021”

The British Voice Agency, Vixen Labs, recently published the Voice Consumer Index 2021 – a broad study mapping user behavior linked to voice assistants in the US, England and Germany. (more…)

Latest news from Google I/O 2021

23 May, 2021 Posted by Okategoriserad 0 thoughts on “Latest news from Google I/O 2021”

Last week, Google’s annual developer conference – Google I/O, took place where they presented their latest news and updates. Last year’s events were canceled due to the current pandemic but this year the conference was back in action in a digital format. (more…)

Talking to me ♡ Deloitte ♡ Roskilde

18 May, 2021 Posted by Okategoriserad 0 thoughts on “Talking to me ♡ Deloitte ♡ Roskilde”

Talking to me have been assigned as Voice UX partner to Deloitte Consulting in Denmark. Deloitte and Talking to me will initially work together with Roskilde Kommune (municipality) on a project which relates to implementing Voice Conversational AI on the platform.

Google Assistant update

9 May, 2021 Posted by Okategoriserad 0 thoughts on “Google Assistant update”

It has almost been three years since the Google Assistant was released in Sweden and even though the original hype has faded there is continuous development taking place leading to a more useful and higher quality experience.  In addition to Google making the assistant available on both Android and Apple devices, new products with the Google Assistant integrated have been released. (more…)

Voicify your Chatbot

4 May, 2021 Posted by Okategoriserad 0 thoughts on “Voicify your Chatbot”

Conversational Interfaces are truly becoming a standard in our everyday lives.

As we become more comfortable with this way of interacting with tech, our expectations increase. As users we now increasingly expect the companies we interact with to be available 24-7,


Is sound the new black?

4 May, 2021 Posted by Okategoriserad 0 thoughts on “Is sound the new black?”
On the 14th of May between 11:45-12:45 we are invited to talk about the topic ”Sound is the new black” together with Madelene Lettman and Jörgen Dyssvold from Herr Omar and Christian von Essen from the podcast ”Heja Framtid”.



1 April, 2021 Posted by Okategoriserad 0 thoughts on “GATHER DEEP TALKS 15TH OF APRIL”
Digital Humans, or digital and virtual avatars no longer belong to the future but have though the help of today’s technologies taken place in pop culture, businesses and our everyday lives. What kind of society are we heading to? How will this change people’s attitude towards each other?


Exclusive Roundtable hosted together with Amelia

30 March, 2021 Posted by Okategoriserad 0 thoughts on “Exclusive Roundtable hosted together with Amelia”

The customer experience has become an even more crucial competitive factor for all industries. Customers’ have an expectation on getting a seamless service experience  – regardless of the time of the day and regardless of which digital plattform you are using. This is also something that has accelerated further during a year of a global pandemic. Whilst working from home and social distancing has had an impact on e-commerce and a huge increase on customer services, we are seeing companies that are in the forefront of using automation and Conversational AI that are creating opportunities and serving their customers in the best way possible.

How can automation and Conversational AI contribute to an improved e-commerce customer experience? How can we use technology to free up time and improve the conditions for employees to offer better service and more sales-creating advice?

Welcome to join us on the 21st of april on our exclusive roundtable in collaboration with Amelia, one of the world’s leading platforms for automation, to discuss this topic with leading international experts and industry colleagues with the aim of sharing experiences and gaining in-depth insights.

Please feel free to contact us if you are interested.

Best regards,
Diana Mosa, Co-founder & Business Developer, Talking to me

Josefine Larsson, Strategy & Sales Lead Nordics, Amelia