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1 April, 2021 Posted by Okategoriserad 0 thoughts on “GATHER DEEP TALKS 15TH OF APRIL”
Digital Humans, or digital and virtual avatars no longer belong to the future but have though the help of today’s technologies taken place in pop culture, businesses and our everyday lives. What kind of society are we heading to? How will this change people’s attitude towards each other?


Exclusive Roundtable hosted together with Amelia

30 March, 2021 Posted by Okategoriserad 0 thoughts on “Exclusive Roundtable hosted together with Amelia”

The customer experience has become an even more crucial competitive factor for all industries. Customers’ have an expectation on getting a seamless service experience  – regardless of the time of the day and regardless of which digital plattform you are using. This is also something that has accelerated further during a year of a global pandemic. Whilst working from home and social distancing has had an impact on e-commerce and a huge increase on customer services, we are seeing companies that are in the forefront of using automation and Conversational AI that are creating opportunities and serving their customers in the best way possible.

How can automation and Conversational AI contribute to an improved e-commerce customer experience? How can we use technology to free up time and improve the conditions for employees to offer better service and more sales-creating advice?

Welcome to join us on the 21st of april on our exclusive roundtable in collaboration with Amelia, one of the world’s leading platforms for automation, to discuss this topic with leading international experts and industry colleagues with the aim of sharing experiences and gaining in-depth insights.

Please feel free to contact us if you are interested.

Best regards,
Diana Mosa, Co-founder & Business Developer, Talking to me

Josefine Larsson, Strategy & Sales Lead Nordics, Amelia

Talking to me concludes another strategic collaboration agreement.

23 March, 2021 Posted by Okategoriserad 0 thoughts on “Talking to me concludes another strategic collaboration agreement.”

Talking to me, the Nordic region’s leading platform-independent specialists within Voice Design and Conversational Automation, announces today that it continues to strengthen its position by becoming a certified implementation partner in the Nordic region for Amelia, the global leader in Conversational AI and automation for businesses.
“By combining Amelia’s technology with our design and user focus, we can create digital assistants and advisors that users enjoy and that free up time throughout the organization. This enables scalable automation of, for example, customer service matters, sales processes and HR support ‘, says Diana Mosa, founder and business developer at Talking to me.

“Our partners are critical to bringing our market-leading Conversational AI and automation solutions to market. We look forward to developing the collaboration with Talking to me, which has established a strong design position in the Nordic region in this area”, says Faisal Abbasi, Managing Director at Amelia.
For more information: 
Diana Mosa, founder and business developer,, Talking to me.
Josefine Larsson, Strategy & Sales Lead Nordics,, Amelia – an IPSoft Company.

Article: What’s cooking in the world of Voice and Conversational AI?

4 February, 2021 Posted by Okategoriserad 0 thoughts on “Article: What’s cooking in the world of Voice and Conversational AI?”

Article written by our CEO and team member, Mattias Falkendal. 

A couple of weeks ago we held a webinar on some of the key trends that we believe are emerging in 2021 within the area of Voice and Conversational AI. Here are some of the key takeaways. (more…)

Amazon Alexa in Swedish?

8 December, 2020 Posted by Okategoriserad 0 thoughts on “Amazon Alexa in Swedish?”

This autumn, Amazon entered the Swedish market by opening up a big warehouse and launching a Swedish website. Now, they seem to be expanding their presence on the Swedish market (more…)

Qualified Google Assistant Agency

2 November, 2020 Posted by Okategoriserad 0 thoughts on “Qualified Google Assistant Agency”
We are proud to announce that we are the only Qualified Google Assistant Agency in the Nordics out of the 16 that are qualified in Europe. If you need help building your Action for the Google Assistant then you can contact us or any of the other listed agencies that have developed Actions on behalf of other companies. Want to hear more about our work? Contact

New updates and launches by Apple

18 October, 2020 Posted by Okategoriserad 0 thoughts on “New updates and launches by Apple”

It’s been about three years since Apple released its HomePod speaker and since then, not much has happened. However, this seems to be changing now as Apple released their HomePod Mini on their Apple Event last week. The HomePod Mini smart speaker gives the user the ability to call and send messages between different iOS devices and each member of a household can get personal assistance from Siri. The smart speaker delivers a rich sound experience and makes controlling smart home accessories easier than ever. Apple’s previous smart speaker, the HomePod, was never launched in Sweden and it is a bit uncertain whether the HomePod Mini will make it to the Swedish market, but on other markets it will be available to order from the 16th of November.

So, now that Amazon, Google and Apple all have launched new additions to their smart speaker lines, we wonder which one you are going to choose?

Google launches Nest Audio

1 October, 2020 Posted by Okategoriserad 0 thoughts on “Google launches Nest Audio”
Amazon is not the only tech giant launching new products. Google announced during their official launch event yesterday that they have a couple of new products up their sleeve.


New updates and devices by Amazon

1 October, 2020 Posted by Okategoriserad 0 thoughts on “New updates and devices by Amazon”

On September 25th, when Amazon presented their latest hardware and devices, the main focus was on their smart speaker, Amazon Echo.


Launching: ATG Voice Assistant – fast results and expert tips on horse racing

22 September, 2020 Posted by Okategoriserad 0 thoughts on “Launching: ATG Voice Assistant – fast results and expert tips on horse racing”

We are proud and happy announce that we have developed the first version of ATG’s Voice Assistant – a great way for users to get results related to their most popular horse racing games and access to expert podcasts. (more…)